Bernardo M. Villegas

               Global Executive MBA ::
               Asia Will Need MBA Graduates ::
               Every Employee An Owner ::
               Welcome to Generation Generosity ::
               Don't Blame the Third Generation ::
               Management by Competencies ::
               The Value of an MBA ::
               Nurturing A People Centered Culture ::
               How to Reduce Attrition Rates ::
               Addressing Shortage of ASEAN Managers ::
               Most Important Virtue in Management ::
               Leaders Ages Thirties and Forties ::
               Virtues of a Selfless Manager ::
               Better Decisions from Big Data ::
               Advent of Big Data Analysis (Part 2). ::
               Advent of Big Data Analysis (Part 1). ::
               The Human Person in Business (Part 2). ::
               The Human Person in Business (Part 1). ::

               Social and Cultural Benefits of MNCs ::
               Economics Nobel Laureates for 2009 ::
               An Ideal Intercessor for CSR ::

               FDIs Needed More Than Ever ::
               Social and Cultural Benefits of MNCs ::
               President Aquino and FDIs ::
               AES Key to Global Competitiveness ::
               Why FDIs Remain Too Low ::
               The Return of U.S. Investors ::
               Prudence in Engaging with China (1) ::

               ADB and Climate Change ::
               More, Better, and Sooner ::
               Bullish Growth Prospects ::
               Some Fallacies in Economic Reasoning ::
               Agriculture in the PDP 2011 ::
               Digital Natives ::
               Role of Military in Development ::
               Passion for Welfare of Employees ::
               Who Will Feed the Chinese_ ::
               CHACHA Necessary for Inclusive Growth ::
               How To Build Respected Companies ::
               Sustainable Development at All Levels ::
               The Challenge of Food Security ::
               Adapting to the Global Trends (Part I) ::
               Educating Youth on Mother Nature ::
               Tree Planting Promotes Common Good ::

               What is BRIC ::
               Following Indonesia's Footsteps ::
               The Next Global Engines of Growth ::
               Lessons from the Great Depression ::
               Emerging markets in G-20 ::
               Closer Philippine-Korean Relations ::
               Business As Usual in Indonesia ::
               A Partially Decoupled World ::
               The Patriotism of South Koreans ::
               No Culture Is Perfect ::
               Indonesia Shows the Way ::
               The New Economic Epicenter ::
               A G-20 Agenda in Seoul ::
               Preparing for Expansion to the ASEAN ::
               Lessons from the World Cup ::
               Indonesia Shows the Way ::
               The New Economic Epicenter ::
               A G-20 Agenda in Seoul ::
               Preparing for Expansion to the ASEAN ::
               China Can't Do It Alone ::
               Role Model for Strategizing Regional ::
               The G-20 in South Korea ::
               Indonesia A Star Performer ::
               Remarkable Indonesia ::
               VIP Revisited ::
               Learning for China's Success Story ::
               Emerging Markets ::
               Middle Class ::
               Aging Thailand ::
               ASEAN Connctivity ::
               Learning from Our ASEAN Peers ::
               Realistic Expectations About the AEC ::
               Long Term Prospects of Vietnam ::
               AEC A Work in Process ::
               Overcoming Obstacle to AEC Integraion ::
               Just Follow the AEC Leaders ::
               Can We Do An Indonesia_ ::
               Emerging Markets (2015) ::
               ASEAN Markets Continue to Shine ::
               Catching Up with Vietnamese Economy ::
               Helping China Address Food Security ::
               Vietnam Model ::
               AEC Can Learn From EU ::
               Indonesia Will Lead the AEC (Part 1) ::
               Indonesia Will Lead the AEC (Part 2) ::
               Emerging Markets Leading World Growth ::
               Land of Milk and Honey (Part 1). ::
               Land of Milk and Honey (Part 2). ::
               Will China Be Number One (Part 1). ::
               Will China Be Number One (Part 2). ::
               Consumers as Guilty as Capitalists (1) ::

               Kudos for the Philippine Economy ::
               June 12 Celebration in Barcelona ::
               Bucking the Trend ::
               A Very Good Beginning ::
               Underground Economy Will Save the Day ::
               The Philippine Economy in 2009 ::
               TIME TO ALSO ACT GLOBAL ::
               Can Cigarette Taxes Address Deficit ::
               Cebu, A Model of Diversification ::
               Philippine GDP to Grow at 4% in 2009 ::
               The Paradox of Thrift ::
               We Will Survive ::
               Will Consumers Save the Day ::
               Don't Pooh-Pooh Growth ::
               Hitting the Ground Running ::
               Focus on Domestic Market ::
               PNOY Managing by Mission ::
               Prospects for Investments in 2010 ::
               Consumption-Led Recovery ::
               How to Sustain 7% Growth ::
               Roadmap for Agricultural Development ::
               Accelerating Growth Through LGUs ::
               The Middle Income Trap ::
               The Heart of the Philippines ::
               Six Percent Growth Still Doable ::
               What to Expect for 2012 ::
               Ultranationalistic Mentality ::
               Tipping Point ::
               Instant Globalization ::
               A 'Glass is Half-full' View ::
               Sin Products ::
               Competition Neglect ::
               PH-SriLankan Partnership ::
               Countryside Banking ::
               Perfectly Fine ::
               Pearl of the Indian Ocean ::
               Preparing CEOs for the AEC ::
               Roubini Is Coming to Town ::
               perfect tandem ::
               dISTRICT 12 ::
               Microeconomic Threats to Rapid Growth ::
               A Possible Road To Redemption ::
               Answers to the Doubting Thomases ::
               Investment Grade for the Philippines ::
               Biggest of the Big Winners ::
               How Comptitive is the Philippines_ ::
               Town Hall Meeting at Harvard ::
               ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services ::
               The Land of Boundless Opportunities ::
               Laguindingan to Mountain Pines Place ::
               Why Trickle Down Takes Long ::
               No Longer A Basket Case ::
               ASEAN Leaders fot Asian Century ::
               Economic Recovery Program for Leyte ::
               No Longer a Basket Case (Part II) ::
               Eight Per Cent Growth Possible ::
               Perfect Fit ::
               How Large Is Chinese Economy ::
               Emerging Markets Alive and Kicking ::
               Filipinos Discover Their Own Country ::
               New Baguio of the Philippines ::
               Empress City of the South ::
               Why the Philippines Will Succeed ::
               Major Reasons for Continued Optimism ::
               Best Island in the World ::
               Palawan as a Mini Thailand ::
               Unbiased View of Philippine Economy-1 ::
               BAtangas As Virtual Federal State ::
               Economic Forecasts for Current Year ::
               It`s In The Regions Stupid. ::
               Epidemic of Fear Is Worse with dates ::
               Epidemic of Fear is Worse (Part 2). ::
               What Lies Ahead After COVID-19_ ::
               What Lies Ahead After Covid-19 Part 3 ::
               Updated Back to the Right Provinces ::
               Opportunity To Reform Market Economy ::
               Taking A Long Term View (Part 1). ::
               Taking A Long Term View (Parts 2 & 3). ::
               Light and Shadow During Pandemic (1) ::
               Philippines Will Win Economic Marathon ::
               How Soon the Economc Recovery, Part 2 ::
               Twenty Fifty Take Me There (Part 1). ::
               2050 Take Me There Part 3. ::
               Twenty Fifty Take Me There (Part 2). ::
               The Philippine Economy in 2050 Part 3. ::
               Prophet of Boom. Part 2. ::
               Prophet of Boom. Part 1 (1). ::
               Back to Prophecy of Boom, Part 2. ::
               Back to Prophecy of Boom^J Part 1. ::
               Next Six to Twelve Months, Part 2. ::
               Next Six to Twelve Months. Part 1. ::

               How Can We Lick COVID-19 with dates ::
    Women Issues

               Women and Men Are Different ::
               Magna Carta of Women ::
               Empowering Women Entrepreneurs ::
               Joys and Travails of Motherhood ::

               The Valuable Role of Grandparents ::
               THE FAMILY IS THE KEY TO PEACE ::
               The Family in Harry Potter ::
               Divorce Worse Than Global Warming ::
               Thanksgiving for a Mother's Love ::
               Business and Family ::
               Values in Family-Owned Business ::
               Love of Friendship ::
               THE FAMILY IS THE KEY TO PEACE ::
               The Valuable Role of Grandparents ::
               Building Strong Families ::
               Post-Valentine Reflections ::
               Family As Source of Business Stability ::
               Like a Pyramid ::
               Building the Future of Society ::
               Grandparents' Role ::
               Ironman 70.3 A Family Affair -1 ::
               Advantages of Large Family Sizes ::
               Pope Francis As Our FAMY-1 ::
               Business Can Protect the Family ::
               How to Parent Digital Natives ::
               Promoting the Welfare of Children ::
               Mission of the Filipino Family ::
               Guiding Children Through Digital Age ::
               Policies to Strengthen the Family ::
               Get Married and Be Happy (Part 2) ::
               Get Married and Be Happy (Part III) ::
               A Model Family from Angeles ::
               How to Strengthen the Filipino Family ::
               The Social Evils of Divorce (Part 1) ::
               The Social Evils of Divorce (Part 2) ::
               Housebands Should Be The Exception ::
               ENcouraging Large Families in Europe ::
               First 1000 Days of Life (Part II) ::
               The Joys of Filipino Grandparents ::
               It All Begins at Home (Part 2). ::
               It All Begins At Home (Part 3). ::
               It All Begins At Home ::
               Exemplary Couples in Conjugal Love ::
               Love Till the Twilight Years (2018) ::
               The Best Place for Children ::
               Wedding Bells During the Pandemic ::

               Truth in Advertising ::
               Social Media ::
               Nurturing Virtues in Digital World ::

               OFWs As Entrepreneurs ::
               OFWs Promote the Common Good ::
               OFWs Deliver Again ::
               Analyzing OFW Remittances in 2009 ::
               OFWs Will Surely Deliver ::
               Let Us Prolong Christmas This Year ::
               The Positive Role of Immigrants ::
               Seafarers Forever ::
               Professionalizing Household Work ::
               Thanking OFWs ::
               OFW Myths ::
               Preparing Knowledge Workers for ASEAN ::
               OFWs Fuel Philippine Property Market ::
               OFWs As Mulltitasking Talents ::
               Threat to Number One Engine ::
               Intangible Export of the Philippines ::
               OFWs Will Sustain Their Remittances ::
               Celebrating Good Friday with OFWs. ::
               Another Indie Film on OFWs ::
               Department of Overseas Fiipino Workers ::
               Absent Fathers in OFW Families ::
               Taking Care of Women OFWs. ::
               How To Redeploy Returning OFWS updated ::
               St Joseph Patron of OFWs ::
               OFW Smugglers of Faith and Joy, Part 3 ::

               Economics Nobel Laureates for 2009 ::
               Saving Manny Pacquiao From Politics ::
               Cory, The Virtuous Leader ::
               Cory's Style of Leadership ::
               Open Letter to President Obama ::
               A Heroine For the Culture of Life ::
               An Open Letter to Manny Pacquiao ::
               Do You Want to Live Up to 100 ::
               The Love of a Mother ::
               Tribute to Fritz Gemperle ::
               Tribute to Fr. Pat Lim ::
               One Enlightened Congressman ::
               Revisiting the Philippine-American War ::
               Best Boxer in the World ::
               Remembering the Korean War ::
               An Icon for the Young ::
               Educating Leaders Among the Youth ::
               Pinoy Yuppies ::
               Attributes and Qualities of CEOs ::
               Role Model for Aspiring Diplomats ::
               Celebrating Aldubnomics ::

               Foundational Value of Social Doctrine ::
               Advice to the Presidentiables ::
               Building A Democratic Culture ::
               A Return to Controls and Regulations ::
               Amending the Philippine Constitution ::
               Maturity of Spanish Democracy ::
               Beware the Crooked Officials ::
               The Legacy of Park Chung Hee ::
               Noynoy's Economic Agenda ::
               A Cultural Change in MMDA ::
               Stulta Haec Lex Sed Lex ::
               President Aquino and RH Bill. ::
               Constitutional Articles to be Amended ::
               Reflections on the Arab Spring ::
               The Struggle to Fight Corruption ::
               Spanish Resilience ::
               Can Democracy Deliver Economic Growth ::
               No Secrets in the Internet ::
               Friend of the Supreme Court ::
               Making Real Friends in Facebook ::
               Edward Hagedorn ::
               Salvaging the Agrarian Reform Program ::
               Jun Magsaysay ::
               Antonio Trillanes ::
               Catholic Vote ::
               A Boon to Good Governance ::
               CHACHA Needed for Inclusive Growth ::
               Why the Filipino Nation Failed ::
               Lessons from Pork Barrel Scam ::
               More on Pork Barrel Scam ::
               Rescuing Coconut Farmers From Poverty ::
               To Do List For Government ::
               The Enduring Value of Competition ::
               Formulating Competition Policy and Law ::
               Supreme Court Averts Ageing Crisis ::
               Need To Fully Implement EPIRA ::
               Timely Anticipation of Next Government ::
               Pros and Cons of Dynasties ::
               Next Administration Should Be Pro-Life ::
               Misguided Nationalism (Part II) ::
               MIsguided Nationalism (Part I) ::
               The Beam in Your Eyes (Part 1) ::
               Lessons from the GMA Administration ::
               The Beam in Your Eyes (Part 2) ::
               My Nominees for Next Cabinet (Part 1) ::
               My Nominees for Next Cabinet (Part 2) ::
               Three Senatoriables (Part 1) ::
               Three Senatoriables (Part 2) ::
               What is Wrong with Neo-Liberalism ::
               Rebalancing Strategy ::
               Building a Human Rights Culture ::
               The Fallacy of America First ::
               Need to Broaden VAT Base ::
               Need to Amend SOGIE Bill (Part 2). ::
               Need to Amend SOGIE Bill (Part 1). ::
               Northbound Policy (Part 2). ::
               Northbound Policy (Part 1). ::
               Why Federalization Is Not Advisable ::
               Martin Romualdez as Front Runner 2019 ::
               Right Leader at Right Time P1 ::
               Right Leader at Right Time P2 ::
               Filipino First Is Not Nationalist ::
               My Addenda to the SONA. Part 1 (2). ::
               My Addenda to the SONA.Part 2. ::
               My Addenda to the SONA.Part 3. ::
               Institution Building Is the Key. ::
               Great Start for BBM Administration. ::
    Population Issues

               No Woman's Right to Abortion ::
               Contraceptive Campaign Can Backfire ::
               Benefits of Large and Young Population ::
               Preparing for the Demographic Winter ::
               Sex Education in the RH Bill ::
               The Slippery Slope to Abortion ::
               Oversimplification of Economists ::
               The Moral Evil of Contraceptives ::
               Debate on Contraception ::
               Oh No, Malthus All Over Again ::
               Mistaken Notions on Population Control ::
               Contraceptives are Harmful to Women ::
               Population Matters ::
               Protecting the Unborn ::
               A Contraceptive Mentality ::
               A Large Family ::
               Letter from Zamboanga del Norte ::
               A Positive Approach to Sex Education ::
               RH Bill Is A Dead Issue ::
               Continuing Dialogue on RHB ::
               How to Combat the Empty Cradle ::
               Long-Term Decline in Youth Markets ::
               Why Contraception Leads To Abortion ::
               Horror Stories of Birth Control ::
               Why Large Families Are Poor ::
               Demographic Dividend ::
               Economic Error of Birth Control ::
               Sweet Spot ::
               The Bet ::
               Care for Our Aging Parents ::
               Care for Our Aging Parents (Part II) ::
               Social Value of Self Employment ::
               Ensuring Supply of Productive Manpower ::
               Job Opportunities for Disabled Persons ::
               The Fallacy of Population Control ::
               Vietnam Benefits from Young Population ::
               Lessons From China's Population Policy ::
               How to Prevent Demographic Winter ::
               Robots Can Never Replace Filipinos ::
               We Can All Be Millennials (Part 1). ::
               We Can All Be Millennials (Part 2). ::
               We Can All Be Millennials (Part 3). ::
               Helping MIllennials To Be Temperate ::
               Keeping Our Population Young. ::
               A Long Wait for Vaccine updated ::
               Living Long and Happy Lives (1) ::
               The Enduring Humanity of Work, Part 2 ::
               The Enduring Humanity of Work, Part 3 ::
               The Future of Work and Workers, Part 2 ::
               Future of Work and Workers Part 3. ::
    Religion and Morality

               Sickness Is Also Sign of Love of God ::
               More Responsible Consumer Behavior ::
               The Catholic Muslim Forum ::
               Another Trial for the Market Economy ::
               Never to Divorce ::
               A Heroine For the Culture of Life ::
               What Are the Sin Products ::
               A Bastion of Religious Freedom ::
               Keeping Christ in Christmas ::
               The Faith of Asian Catholics ::
               The Role of the Free Market ::
               The Evil of Terrorism ::
               Lessons from Bella and Edward ::
               A Christ-Centered Life ::
               Possible Cure for Consumerism ::
               Charity in Truth ::
               Throwing the Baby with the Bathwater ::
               Love for the Poor ::
               Are Schools Like Harvard to Blame ::
               The Other Side of Black Monday ::
               True Love Waits ::
               The Teaching Authority of the Church ::
               Forty Years of Humanae Vitae ::
               ABORTION DEBATES ::
               Lessons from The Kite Runner ::
               STOP THE KILLING ::
               The Thrill of the Chaste ::
               Banking on Billboards ::
               Christmas, Capitalism and Consumerism ::
               Globalization of Medical Practice ::
               Gross Human Happiness ::
               Institutions Are Not Enough ::
               Love for the Common Good ::
               Products for the Growing Middle Class ::
               The Brutalization of Business ::
               The Future of Capitalism ::
               The Pitfalls of Mathematical Economics ::
               A New Version of A Market Economy ::
               The Pitfalls of Mathematical Economics ::
               Antidote to Consumerism ::
               Rethinking, Redesigning, Rebuilding ::
               Good Leaders Need Prudence ::
               Freedom Is Not Free ::
               Advice to Robin Padilla ::
               Exposing Anti-Catholicism ::
               The Evil of Consumerism ::
               Real Meaning of Penance ::
               Open Season for Calumnies ::
               Pray for Holy Priests ::
               Sickness Is Also Sign of Love of God ::
               More Responsible Consumer Behavior ::
               The Respect for Religious Freedom ::
               A Leader's Achilles Heel ::
               Maximum Earthly Happiness ::
               Use of Condom as Immoral As Ever ::
               Contraception and Family Breakups ::
               John Paul II and Economic Development ::
               Legacy from John Paul II ::
               Chastity Is Possible Among Youth ::
               The Ethics of Public Policy. ::
               Christian Roots of the Family. ::
               God's Existence A Secular Truth. ::
               Truth Is Most Basic Value. ::
               The Leftists and RH Bill ::
               Values Dear To Filipino People ::
               The Redeeming Value of Forgiveness ::
               Spiritual Triathlon ::
               Book of Virtues and Values ::
               An Anatomy of Marital Infidelity ::
               The Ultimate Meaning of Excellence ::
               Human Tone ::
               Beautiful Belen ::
               Beautiful Churches ::
               Common Good ::
               Pro-Life Governor ::
               Religious Freedom ::
               Correcting Friends ::
               Mission Integrity ::
               Teaching Purity ::
               Highest Priority ::
               Be Happy ::
               Economic Patriotism ::
               Lady Gaga's Pro-LGBT Rights Advocacy ::
               There's No Room for Complacency ::
               VOTE NO TO RH BILL-1 ::
               Green Buildings ::
               RH BILL IS NOT PRO-LIFE ::
               The True Nature Of Marriage ::
               Celebrating the Year of Faith ::
               Materialism Need Not Be Evil ::
               Precursor of Second Vatican Council ::
               Year of Listening and Mission ::
               Patriotic Motherhood ::
               Imitating San Pedro Calungsod Today ::
               Indispensable Dad ::
               It Is This Way, Grandpa ::
               Neither Conservative Nor Liberal Pope ::
               Spiritual Route to Silver Linings ::
               Business Man as Human Being ::
               Holy Priests ::
               Seamless Transition in the Papacy ::
               Priestly Celibacy ::
               The Evangelizing Role of Women ::
               The Theology of the Body ::
               The Joys of Mr. Chips ::
               A Musical for Every Filipino-1 ::
               John Paul II on Family ::
               Pastoral Concerns of Pope Francis ::
               Taking Care of the Sick ::
               How to Deal Wtih Divorcees ::
               In Praise of American Society ::
               The Main Role of Priests ::
               The Slaugher of the Innocents ::
               Not to Judge Gay People ::
               Successor of Saint for Beatification ::
               A Measure for Population Control ::
               Abortion Should Be Forever Illegal ::
               Shrine of St. Josemaria Escriva ::
               All Human Work Is Dignified ::
               How To Avoid Killer Economy ::
               Imitating St. John Paul II ::
               Awakening of the Carholic Laity ::
               Praying to St. John Paul ::
               Role of the Laity in Evanglization ::
               Church Doctrine on Liberation Theology ::
               Values Education through Good Coaches ::
               How to Gladden Pope Francis-2-1 ::
               The New Idolatry of Money ::
               The Absurity of Gay Marriages ::
               St. Josemaria on Virtues of Leaders ::
               Teaching Real Love to Children ::
               Leadership According to St. Josemaria ::
               Boyhood ::
               Marriage and the Common Good ::
               Teach Unselfishness ::
               Preparing for SSM's Next Assault ::
               The Truth of About LIberation Theology ::
               Shrine to the Holy Family ::
               The Legacy of David Consunji ::
               Pope Francis to the Youth ::
               Remembering the Visit of Pope Francis ::
               Profiting from Year of Mercy (Part 1) ::
               Profiting from Year of Mercy (Part 2) ::
               Just Pray ::
               Love Letter from Pope Francis (Part 1) ::
               Love Letter from Pope Francis (Part 2) ::
               Love Letter From Pope Francis (Part 3) ::
               Parenthood Not Trial and Error ::
               The Dangers of Live-In Arrangements ::
               Work for Conversion of Criminals ::
               Gates of Hell Won't Prevail ::
               Fatima and Annihilation of Nations (1) ::
               Everyone Is Called to Holiness ::
               St.Josemaria on the Economy (Part 1) ::
               St.Josemaria on the Economy (Part 2). ::
               Raising Courteous and Caring Children ::
               Ethics for the Digital Age (Part 1). ::
               Ethics for the Digital Age (Part 2). ::
               Holiness for the Ordinary Christians ::
               Gates of Hell Won`t Prevail (Part 1). ::
               Gates of Hell Won`t Prevail (Part 2). ::
               Gates of Hell Won`t Prevail (Part 3). ::
               Where Young and Old Meet. ::
               Devil Is Alive and Kicking ::
               Reasons to Stay and Fight (Part 1). ::
               Record Holder in Belen Making ::
               Reasons to Stay and Fight (Part 2). ::
               Avoiding the Evil of Consumerism ::
               Getting to Know St. Joseph ::
               Moral Guidance on Digital Technologies ::
               Lenten Season During the Pandemic (2) ::
               Praying In Silence with God (1) ::
    Poverty Eradication

               Why Is the Philippines Still Poor ::
               Economic Recovery Against Poverty ::
               Make Hay While the Sun Shines ::
               Another Chance to Eradicate Poverty ::
               Food Security and Rural Poverty ::
               The Economics of Island Hopping ::
               Greatest Gift to the Poor Part I ::
               Greatest Gift to the Poor Part II ::
               St. Josemara and the Poor ::
               Socialized Housing (Part I) ::
               Socialized Housing (Part II) ::
               Priority Needs of the Poor ::
               Growth Needed To Fight Poverty ::
               Rescuing Coconut Farmers From Poverty ::
               Helping Tacloban Rise from Rubble ::
               Poverty Targeting ::
               MIndanao As Regional Food Belt ::
               Including the Poor in Society ::
               Uplifting the Young and Poor ::
               Not Only in the Philippines ::
               A Visionary and a Dreamer (Part I) ::
               A Visionary and a Dreamer (Part II) ::
               What About the Middle Class (Part 2) ::
               What About the Middle Class (Part 1) ::
               Reducing Poverty Incidence to Zero ::
               Agenda for Helping the Poor (Part I) ::
               Agenda for Helping the Poor (Part 2) ::
               Food Banking (Part I) ::
               Food Banking (Part 2) ::
               First 1000 Days of Life (Part I) ::
               Cashless Transaction for the Poor (2) ::
               How and Why Economies Kill ::
               Food Stolen from the Poor ::
               Food Stolen From the Poor (Part 2). ::
               Food Stolen From The Poor (Part 3). ::
               Giving Prioirty to the Poor ::
               Loving the Poor this Christmas ::
               Learning From And About China (Part 1) ::
               Learning From and About China (Part 2) ::
               Learning From and About China, Part 3 ::

               How to Save Garments Industry. ::
               How to Attract Japanese Retirees. ::
               How Firms Can Go Globa1 ::
               Balancing Varied Interests in Mining ::
               Responsible Mining (Bulletin) ::
               Not to Late for Manufacturing (Part 1) ::
               Role of Steel in Industrialization ::
               No Way to Avoid Coal ::
               Updated Greater Focus on Health Sector ::

               Development Through Tourism ::
               Truths and Myths About Tourism ::
               Intensifying Domestic Tourism in 2009 ::
               Nature, History, and Culture ::
               Training World Class HRM Workers ::
               Getting More Europeans as Tourists ::
               Development Through Tourism ::
               Training for the Tourism Industry ::
               Good Record in Tourism ::
               Paradise Hidden ::
               Delights of Birdwatching ::
               Gastronomical Tourism ::
               Tambuli Awards. ::
               Tourism_ Next Engine of Growth ::
               BNB for Forty Million Tourists ::
               Experience Learning at New Heights ::
               How To Avoid More Boracays ::

               Abengoa Bioenergy ::
               The Price of Oil ::
               Kudos to U.S. Energy Firm ::
               Arguments for Solar Energy Now ::
    Food and Agribusiness

               A Blessing in Disguise ::
               Center for Food and Agri Business ::
               Facing the Food Crisis ::
               Getting Rich Through Agribusiness ::
               Thinking Global About the Rice Crisis ::
               Localizing Food Production ::
               Returning to the Soil ::
               There Is Money In Agribusiness ::
               Empowering the Farmers ::
               Preparing the Food Belt of Asia ::
               Food and Beverage will Survive ::
               A TRULY GREEN REVOLUTION ::
               Lessons from the Rice Crisis ::
               The Trouble with Rice Sufficiency ::
               Korean Way of Helping Farmers ::
               The Increasing Demand for Papaya ::
               Next Phase of Agrarian Reform ::
               Urban Gardening ::
               EAting Out ::
               Taiwan Model (Part I) ::
               Taiwan Model (Part II) ::
               Restaurant Business as Sunrise Sector ::
               Chinese Appetite for High-Value Crops ::
               Agriculturally Awesome. ::
               The Missing Link is Agriculture ::
               How To Train Agribusiness Technicians ::
               Palawan. ::
               Hope for Coconut Farmers Part 1. ::
               Hope for Coconut Farmers.Part 2. ::
               A Dream Project in Leyte Part 1. ::
               A Dream Project in Leyte. Part 2. ::
               Hope for Coconut Farmers Part 3. ::
    Infrastructure and Logistics

               The Sunrise Sector of Logistics ::
               The Coming Water Crisis ::
               The Moving Bridges ::
               OIL AND WATER ::
               Infrastructure President (Part I) ::
               Infrastructure President (Part 2) ::
               No Need for College Education ::
               Build, Build, Build in Housing (Part2. ::
               DPWH Is in Good Hands (Part 2). ::
               DPWH Is in Good Hands (Part 1). ::
               Pushing PPP At LGU Level (Part 1). ::
               Pushing PPP At LGU Level (Part 2). ::
    Business Process Outsourcing

               BPO Without A Twang ::
               Attention HRM of BPO Enterprises ::
               The Future of BPO_KPO Industry ::
               IT-BPM Drives Economic Growth Part 1. ::
               IT-BPM Drives Economic Growth, Part 2. ::
               IT-BPM Drives Economic Growth Part 4. ::
    Real estate

               What Is a Bubble ::
               Boom, Bubble, or Simply Bust ::
               Projecting Housing Supply and Demand ::
               Private Sector Led Housing Boom ::
               What Bubble_ ::
               The Market for Economic Housing (1) ::
               The State of Mass Housing.Part 1. ::
               The State of Mass Housing. Part 3. ::
               The State of Mass Housing. Part 2. ::

               Symbiosis Between Academe and Industry ::
               How to Teach Ethics in Business School ::
               The Mission of a University Education ::
               The Need for Mentoring in Universities ::
               Celebrating as a Barca Fan ::
               Reforming Public Elementary Education ::
               Lessons from the World Cup ::
               The Teaching of Economics ::
               More Than Skilled Technicians ::
               World Player of the Year ::
               Street Children Excel in Soccer ::
               Soccermania and Soccernomics ::
               Thinking Positive ::
               A True Liberal Arts Education ::
               It's the Training, Stupid! ::
               The Time Has Come for Soccer ::
               Dreams That Fuel the Beautiful Game ::
               A Timely Movie ::
               Comprehensive Sex Education ::
               Lessons From a Football Club ::
               That's the Spirit of Sport ::
               Two More Icons in Sports ::
               Encountering Dragons ::
               Lack of Philippine Industrial Culture ::
               Japanese Lessons for the Filipinos ::
               Did Rizal Really Want Independence ::
               Jose Rizal as Farm Entrepreneur ::
               Height Does Not Make Might ::
               Football Fever ::
               Parents Directly Involved in Education ::
               Multilingual Filipinos ::
               Communicating Science ::
               The Rock Star of Education ::
               Pep Guardiola the Selfless Coach ::
               fashion trends ::
               Soccer Can Unite the Country ::
               Going Against the Spring Revolution-1 ::
               Global Heritage of Manila Galleons ::
               Football Will Soar in 2013 ::
               Fostering the Values of Sport ::
               Corporate Culture of A University ::
               Stakeholders of the Football Industry ::
               Full Heart ::
               Filipinos Smiles fot the World ::
               FC Barcelona Win Or Lose-1 ::
               Football as Industry in Brazil ::
               Football Diplomacy ::
               Need for World Class Teachers ::
               The Future of Business Education ::
               Business Education at Different Levels ::
               Alumni of the Best Business School ::
               Starting Them Young in Football ::
               Management as a Liberal Art ::
               Strong Culture Based on Family ::
               Educating Is More Than Teaching ::
               Reporting on Sustainability in Academe ::
               How to Reach the Top ::
               We Sing ::
               Business School Dean Par Exellence ::
               Can We Produce Little Messis_ ::
               Rafa Nadal and His Family ::
               Asian Values in Family Enterprises ::
               Markets Still Promote the Common Good ::
               Is An MBA Worth It_ ::
               PH Leads US in Apprenticeships ::
               The Destructive Forces of Divorce ::
               The TLC of Most Filipinos ::
               Fooball Fever ::
               BAGS of World Cup 2014-1 ::
               The Sentimentalism of Football Fans ::
               Language Training in Senior High ::
               The BARCA Way of Playing ::
               Football Clinics for Street Children ::
               Building Stadiums for Football League ::
               Cleaner Toilets for the Poor ::
               Role Model for the Little AZKALS ::
               IESE Business School MBA Program ::
               The Santo Papa Football Cup ::
               Teach Unselfishness ::
               The Youth and Climate Change ::
               Learning to Lead Teenage Children ::
               Calling All FCBarcelona Football Fans ::
               National Football League in 2017 ::
               Demise of the Beautiful Mind ::
               Thanks God There Is Football ::
               Home Schooling ::
               Love Is Not Always Sugary ::
               Avoiding A Throw Away Culture ::
               Uphill Climb for Beautiful Game ::
               Tale of Two Children's Choirs ::
               The Need for Masteral Degree ::
               Educating Children on Human Sexuality ::
               Get Married and Be Happy (Part 1) ::
               Here Comes Philippine Football League ::
               Rise of Footbal Under PDu30 (Part I) ::
               Rise of Footbal Under PDu30 (Part II) ::
               Rise of Footbal Under PDu30 (Part III) ::
               Changing Preferences for MBA Programs ::
               Futsal for Filipino Youth Development ::
               Fraternal Humanism ::
               To Love Is To Understand ::
               Doing Good Through Digital Technology ::
               Choosing to Study in Taiwan (1) ::
               Let Us Join Football Mania (Part 1). ::
               Let Us Join Football Mania (Part 2). ::
               Let Us Join Football Mania (Part 3). ::
               No End to Executive Education ::
               More Than A Facebook Friend ::
               Aiming for World Cup 2030. ::
               Character Education for Generation Z ::
               Alaska MIlk Fosters Grassroot Football ::
               Real Love Among the Young (Part 1). ::
               Real Love Among the Young (Part 2). ::
               Qualities of a Good Mentor ::
               From US to German Model. ::
               The Fourth and Fifth Rs. ::
               Withdrawing from the Lonely Crowd ::
               School for Girls in Antipolo ::
               More Appropriate Role of SUCs.Part 2. ::
               Dreaming About The World Cup.Part 1. ::
               Dreaming About the World Cup Part 4. ::
               Dreaming About the World Cup. Part 2. ::
               Dreaming About the World Cup. Part 3. ::


               The Fiesta Is Over ::
               What Could Go Wrong ::
               The World After the Crisis (Bulletin) ::
               A Double-Dip Recession in the U.S. ::
               The Spaniards Are Coming ::
               The Problem With the Japanese Economy ::
               Monitoring the U.S. Economy ::
               Expo Zaragoza 2008 ::
               What Now, President-Elect Obama ::
               Getting To Know Europe ::
               Rise and Fall of Japan ::
               Miracle on the River Han ::
               Dressing Classy But Dancing Cheesy ::
               Insitution Building in South Korea ::
               Land of the Rising Sun ::
               Real Challenges to Korean Society ::
               Reluctant Giant ::
               Growth Reappears in Spanish Economy-1 ::
               New Mediocre ::

               Educating Women as Entrepreneurs ::
               Humane Dimensions of Microfinance ::
               The Overseas Chinese ::
               Harnessing Woman Power in Enterprise ::
               Empowering Workers as Business Owners ::
               Steve Jobs ::
               Role Model for Social Entrepreneurship ::
               Creative Entrepreneurship ::
               Why Misfits Make Good Entrepreneurs ::
               Reinvent Yourself ::
               The Heart of the Countryside ::
               Social Enterprise in Human Development ::
               Pili Nuts Covered with Chocolate ::

               Economics Is For Everyone ::
               Miguel Malvar (Oct 2011) ::
               A New Economy of Images ::
               Creative Entrepreneurship ::
               Antigua Forum ::
               Sri Lanka Wonder of Asia ::
               Amazing Recovery ::
               No To Trickle Down Theories ::
               The Best Time to Invest ::
               I Forecast Right Or Wrong (Part II) ::
               I Forecast Right Or Wrong.doc (Part I) ::

               Barcelona Romance ::
               Lola Chabeng ::
               Warmest Greetings to Queen Sofia ::
               Warmest Greetings to Queen Sofia ::
               Sport Idol for My Grandnephews ::
               Tale of a Cancer Survivor ::
               Travel Water ::
               A Free Evening in Barcelona ::
               Reality Check from Emil Antonio ::
               The Noble Profession of Teaching ::
               Pope Francis and the Youth ::
               Pope Francis As Movie Director ::
               Business Covenant with the Pope ::
               Eager to Meet the Pope ::
               The Saint of Ordinary Life ::
               My Lolo Miguel the Hero (Part 3) ::
               My Lolo Miguel the Hero (Part 2) ::
               My Lolo Miguel the Hero (Part 1) ::
               A Warning Stroke in Barcelona ::
               Thank You President Noynoy Aquino ::
               The Romualdez Clan of Leyte (Part 1) ::
               The Romualdez Clan of Leyte (Part 2) ::
               The Father of Pharma Retailing ::
               Childhood Memories of San Pablo ::
               An Economist and a Gentleman (Part 1). ::
               An Economist and a Gentleman (Part 2). ::
               The Business Editor Par Excellence ::
               Finding Your Heaven on Earth ::
               Living Long and Happy Lives updated ::
               Living Long and Happy Lives (Part 2). ::
               Living Long and Happy Lives (Part 3). ::
               Friends Are Key to Happiness updated ::
               Friends Are Key to Happiness (Part 2). ::
               My Brother Eddie the Marxist (1) ::
               My Brother Eddie the Marxist Part 2 ::
               My Brother Eddie the Marxist, Part 3 ::
               Pope Francis Is No Communist (Part 1). ::
               Pope Francis Is No Communist (Part 2). ::
               Pope Francis Is No Communist (Part 3). ::
               Pope Francis Is No Communist (Part 4). ::
               Pope Francis Is No Communist (Part 5). ::
               What About SpiritualTrue Retreat. ::
               Happiness That Comes From Friendship.. ::

               CURRICULUM VITAE ::