Bernardo M. Villegas
  Page last updated at 04:58 UTC, Thursday, 11 May 2023 PH
Combatting Harmful Effects of Pornography (Part 2)
              One of the most harmful effects of pornography is its undermining the very foundation of the society, which is marriage and the family.  The Philippine Constitution is very clear about marriage being an “inviolable institution” and that the family is the very foundation of society.  There is more than ample evidence (American Life League) that proves that pornography degrades marriages.  Pornography users generally view material that shows attractive women performing any type of act with any number of men (or animals, for that matter). The users begin to expect that their wives should also perform acts that are a little more “adventurous” or “experimental” than those they are used to and will become dissatisfied when their non-using partners will not live up to their porn-induced fantasies.  They may even become disillusioned with the physical imperfections of their wives.  In turn, the wives may become disgusted and repelled by the increasingly deviant behavior of their respective husbands.  The end result is that the husbands (or boyfriends) will turn to prostitutes, who are accustomed to handling bizarre requests.  Otherwise harmonious marriages and family lives may end up being disrupted by such corruption of the marriage act that is intrinsically ordered towards the procreation of children.  These aberrations in sexual behavior may explain to some extent the plunging fertility rate in the developed countries of Western Europe and Northeast Asian economies.