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Travel Water

           I was on a non-deal investment road show organized by Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia, Jr.  last April 22 to 26, 2012 in partnership with leading CEOs of such sunrise industries as BPO/KPO, mining, semiconductors, investment banking, construction and real estate, infrastructure, education,  health and biotechnology.  In the three cities of Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston, we met close to 300 American and Fil-American business people interested in investing in the Philippines.  Members of our briefing team were very impressed with the outpouring of interest in what the international press refers to as "the new tiger of Asia," "a breakout nation," "the dark horse of Asia," "the darling of investors," or "the rising star."  Indeed, the road show was providentially scheduled at a time when foreign experts (including the usually pessimistic Nouriel Roubini) seem to be running out of superlatives in describing the bright prospects faced by the Philippine economy.

          I was gratified to meet big-time investors interested in such capital intensive sectors as mining, real estate, construction, infrastructure and electronics.  My joy, however, was even greater to meet Fil-American entrepreneurs in all the three cities who are interested in exploring investing in small and medium-scale enterprises in the Philippines, especially in such areas as tourism, food and food processing, fashion and jewelry, logistics and health care.  There were Filipinos and Filipinas who had made good in their entrepreneurial ventures in key US cities and are now looking at how to replicate their success stories in the Philippines.

           Among these entrepreneurs were the couple Eugene and Evita Florendo who are residents of Boston.  Evita belongs to the very entrepreneurial Ocampo family from Angeles, Pampanga that has a chain of stores and restaurants in Central Luzon.  The business they started in Boston came in very handy to those of us who had been traveling very long hours, first from Manila to the U.S. and to two other cities (LA and Chicago) before we reached the last leg of the road show, which was Boston.  Dehydration was a real problem and we were very grateful to the couple for giving us complimentary samples of their product called Travel Water (Alkali Ionized Anti-Oxidant Water Drops).  Since the couple plan to eventually settle down in the Philippines after their children finish their college studies, their business would thrive in our country as well as the neighboring East Asian nations as millions are added to both our domestic and foreign tourists as well as business travelers around the booming ASEAN Economic Community. Travel will become the fastest growing activity in the next ten years as the Philippines capitalizes on its new image as the rising star or new tiger of Asia.  I told Gene and Evita that they should accelerate their bringing their business to Southeast Asia, especially in view of the lowering of all tariffs on manufactured products among the ten member nations of the ASEAN by 2015.

          I was not completely unprepared for their product since a friend of mine, Robbie  Delgado of the TDG group of companies, has initiated those of us in his board of directors about the danger of drinking most of the bottled waters being sold in the Philippines.  He has demonstrated to us scientifically how most of these popular brands are quite toxic and acidic.  There should be a way of converting them into healthy water through certain drops of an alkaline solution.  Just four drops of Travel Water into a liter of filtered water, juice, coffee or tea can have the following salutary effects:  regulate blood pressure; ease joint pain and stiffness; assist in digestion; regulate blood sugar; provide energy and lift moods; keep one alert and enjoy clear, young-looking skin.

          The weary travelers arriving in Boston after hours and hours of plane rides during the previous five days found the following testimonial from a user of Travel Water believable:  "Alkaline ionized water has given my family and me a new lease on life.  We were showing signs of acidic bodies (which is true of almost everyone in the USA), but we didn't know that's what it was.  I thought I had some undiagnosed disease because I kept on getting what felt like strep throat.  My children all had allergy symptoms and colds pretty often as well.  Many people wait until they get cancer and other life-threatening diseases before they take the time and energy to make a change!  Even with the best water filter, you won't rid yourself of disease if you don't change the pH of your cells.  I cannot think of a better present to family and friends than a bottle of alkaline and antioxidant water at any time of the year."

          Among the CEOs traveling with us were a few with engineering and technical backgrounds.  They asked for a more scientific explanation of the benefits of Travel Water.  This is what they got:  "Travel Water Drops split the water clusters into smaller groups, making it easier for your cells to absorb.  It has an antioxidant effect which helps to keep your cells and blood vessels healthy.  It gives your skin and organs a better chance to maintain their youthful glow and functionality because they are constantly bathed in the proper pH (and antioxidant) fluids.  It has been proven that cancers won't thrive in a subject who drinks alkaline ionized water.  Infections and viruses are also far less likely to get a foothold in a subject who drinks plenty of alkaline ionized water.  Travel Water improves the health of the cardiovascular system (arteries, veins and heart).  The entire cardiovascular system is greatly improved with antioxidants, which ionized water provides in abundance.  Travel Water Drops are the most efficient way of improving your immune system,"

                   Those interested in the product may go to the website or call 781-510-0753.  I predict that products like Travel Water will be in great demand from the expanding middle class, not only in the Philippines, but in such large emerging markets as China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.  Drinking Travel Water will actually help sustain a healthy labor force, especially for such high-growth industries as BPO/KPO, tourism and manufacturing that will make use of the growing and young population of the emerging markets, especially in Southeast Asia. For comments, my email address is