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Workplace Skills in Digital Age (Part 3)

           A special sector of the digital economy is data science, data analytics and Big Data.  In a new book by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Thomas Range entitled Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data, two provocative, interrelated arguments are made as examined by John Thornhill in his column in the Financial Times (April 3, 2018) entitled “Digital superstars threaten traditional companies.”  There are two trends described in the book.  First, data have largely superseded price as the most effective signaling mechanism in the economy.  Second, data-rich markets will increasingly render the traditional company obsolete, with massive consequences for our economies and workforces.

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       The historical trends, empirical findings, and policy updates are discussed in detail in the essays compiled in this book. The most convincing argument that supports the thesis of the book, i.e. that population growth is a poitive factor in attaining sustainable human development, is found in the foreword to the book, which is adopted from an article written by Mr. Roberto de Ocampo, former Finance Secretary of the Philippines and multi-awarded finance official in Asia. Thanks to the continuing growth of the Philippines population, Filipinos are in more than 100 countries all over the world, contributing much-needed foreign echange and purchasing power to the Philippine economy and fostering the human and spiritual development of the most diverse of peoples and cultures on this planet.

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Inside Business: Critique on RH Bill

ANC Interview by Coco Alcuaz regarding the RH bill and the Philippine economy.