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published: Feb 25, 2019

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Philippine Road Show in Canada
           More than ever, private business groups should be organizing road shows in foreign countries to promote investments in the Philippines.  For more than thirty years now, I have literally circumnavigated the world leading road shows in North America, Europe and Asia promoting investments in the Philippines even when the Philippines was still considered the sick man of Asia.  As some of my friends know, I can always present the Philippine economic situation as a half-filled glass and help foreign investors identify opportunities for investments even in an unfavorable economic environment, such as those we experienced in the 1980s and early 2000.  I usually team up with banks or executive search companies that can always cite success stories of those who are brave enough to defy unfavorable conditions.  I always make it a point not to have any government official among the speakers so that the audience will realize that we are not on a propaganda mission and that the weaknesses and threats of the Philippine environment will be given due coverage.  My experience is that there are always positive results of these road shows.