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It All Begins At Home (Part 3)
           As in any human action aimed at achieving a certain goal, there must be a realistic assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the agent as well as threats and opportunities that he or she faces.  For the benefit of all those involved in strengthening the family as the basic unit of Philippine society, the following SWOT analysis performed by some of the proponents of the Institute for Marriage and the Family Development is presented.  Starting with the strengths of the Filipino family, the following have been proposed: a) The sense of authority in the family is still strong; b) The Catholic Church is firmly dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of the faith; c) Strong sense of family as a traditional value; d) Belief in God and the sacred, including respect for nature; e) Virtues of cheerfulness, resilience and compassion; f) Love for children and value given to life. Among the major weaknesses are:  a) A misplaced sense of loyalty; b) Extreme use of parental authority in the choice of the children’s career; c) Predominance of self-serving interests; d) Lack of sense of the common good and of teamwork within the community.