Bernardo M. Villegas
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First 1000 Days of Life (Part 1)
           I have been an educator for at least the last sixty years of my life (I started teaching at the age of 18).  The greatest satisfaction of an educator is to see former students excelling in their respective occupations and most of all making a significant contribution to the good of Philippine society.  Last June 2, I experienced one of these happy moments. In an economic briefing I gave in the City of Lucena, I witnessed how one of my former students at the University of Asia and the Pacific,  who is now Governor of the Province of Quezon, has pioneered in promoting the health of children from the womb to their second birthday.  Governor David Suarez, who is serving his third term as Governor of Quezon, has made it possible for the province to receive the award of LGU Champion of First 1000 Days of Life.  If other LGU heads follow the example of Governor Suarez, the Philippines will continue for a long, long time to benefit from what is known as the demographic dividend.  It will continue to be praised by economists and social scientists from all over the world for having a young and growing population.  Every child born will grow up to be a real treasure to the Philippine economy.