Bernardo M. Villegas
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Build, Build, Build in Housing (Part 2)
           Under the socialized housing segment (Php 450,000 and below), the actual production of units during the period 2012 to 2015 did not meet the volume targets needed to reduce the deficit.  In 2012, the deficit was 57,472 units; in 2013, 62, 890; in 2014, 70,632; and in 2015, 67,361. Given the slow pace of growth in the production of socialized housing units, it is highly probable that the backlog in this segment will not be wiped out by 2030.  The deficit is mostly likely to be higher.  In contrast, the conditions in the economic housing segment (above Php 450 to Php 1.25 million) appear more favorable. For 2012, there was overproduction of 40,716 units; 2013, 28,250 units; 2014; 15,587 units and only in 2015 was there less actual production than planned, a difference of 3,541 units.  Given this performance, the backlog in the economic housing segment can be reduced and the deficit will likely be wiped out before 2030.  Low cost housing (Php 1.25 million to Php 3 million) enjoyed even a higher surplus of production.  For 2012, overproduction was 49,543; for 2013, 28,735; for 2014, 23,155; and for 2015, 16,647.  Given this record, the backlog in this segment can be eradicated by 2030.