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Let Us Join Football Mania (Part 3)
           Increasing the number of professional football players in the country is necessarily a long-time process, starting with the grassroots programs we have described previously.  The ten-year-old boy who joins Liga Eskwela, the Alaska Cup or the Gawad Kalinga football program could be a professional football player ten years from now.  Without belittling homegrown talent, we should continue to capitalize on the potentially rich pool of professional football players among the Filipino mestizos all over the world.  We are fortunate that we have more than 10 million Filipinos overseas in more than 100 nations, a good number of them in football-crazy European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries.  The Philippine Football Federation, with the help of the local clubs, should build a rich database of these Filipino mestizos all over the world.  There are many more who can join the ranks of the following Filipino mestizos who are current or previous members of the national team, the Azkals, or of the top clubs in the PFL:  the brothers James and Phil Younghusband, who are British-Filipinos; Neil Etheridge, also British-Filipino; Nick O’Donnell, Canadian-Filipino; Javier Patiño, Spanish-Filipino; Misagh Bahadoran, Iranian-Filipino; Stephan Schröck, German-Filipino; Simone Rota, Italian-Filipino; Jerry Lucena, Danish-Filipino; Alexander Borromeo, Fil-American; Anton del Rosario (Fil-American). Players like these (and there are more who are playing for the local clubs participating in the Philippines Football League like Patrick Reichelt and Kevin Ingreso of Ceres-Negros) have the distinctive advantage over homegrown players of having been exposed to the advanced football culture of their European, Asian or Middle Eastern origins. They can be the strong allies of the coaches in instilling in local players the right skills and attitudes that have been perfected by the best football teams in the world.