Bernardo M. Villegas
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I Forecast Right Or Wrong (Part II)
published: Jan 24, 2017

The Social Evils of Divorce (Part 2)
published: Jan 20, 2017

I Forecast Right Or Wrong (Part I)
published: Jan 16, 2017

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Basic Economics

     This new textbook is intended for a one-semester principles of economics course, which is usually the only economics subject students in the arts and sciences may be taking.  The discussions have been kept relevant and the research and data up-to-date in order to help the student relate more readily to the usually abstract concepts of economics.  Together with numerical examples, requiring no more than arithmetic or elementary algebra and geometry, the textbook will surely help non-economics students, the vast majority of UA&P's population, have a good understanding of basic economics principles, and how they can be applied to concrete situations.