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Northbound Policy (Part 2)
published: Feb 26, 2018

Northbound Policy (Part 1)
published: Feb 19, 2018

Prudence in Engaging With China
published: Feb 13, 2018

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My Nominees for Next Cabinet (Part 2)

            For the Secretary of Transport and Communication, my candidates are Mr. Juan Pena, former Head of the Philippine Ports Authority; Mr. Ramoncito Fernandez, Manager of Infrastructure Projects of the First Pacific Group; Dr. Henry Basilio, Transportation Specialist now working for the USAID; and Dante Lantin, Transport Economist.  To take the place of Secretary Singson at DPWH after two or three years:  Mark Dumol, Infrastructure Executive with the San Miguel Group; Mr. Mabini Pablo, former Undersecretary of DPWH; George  Consunji, CEO of DMCI; and Roberto Castillo, CEO of Engineering Equipment.  For Department of Energy, Mr. John Alcordo of Team Energy; Oliver Butalid, former member of ERC; Guido Delgado, former President of NAPOCOR;  Ed Chua, CEO of Shell Philippines; Jay Layug, former Undersecretary of Energy.  Another nominee of mine for either Department of Energy or Department of Finance is Dr. Ricardo Barcelona who reached the highest position in finance with Shell in The Hague and before that was an international banker in Madrid and London.  He has a Ph.D. from King’s College of London and heads energy research for one of the top business schools in the world, the IESE Business School in Barcelona.  He has scrutinized many energy projects in the Philippines, including the renewables.

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       The historical trends, empirical findings, and policy updates are discussed in detail in the essays compiled in this book. The most convincing argument that supports the thesis of the book, i.e. that population growth is a poitive factor in attaining sustainable human development, is found in the foreword to the book, which is adopted from an article written by Mr. Roberto de Ocampo, former Finance Secretary of the Philippines and multi-awarded finance official in Asia. Thanks to the continuing growth of the Philippines population, Filipinos are in more than 100 countries all over the world, contributing much-needed foreign echange and purchasing power to the Philippine economy and fostering the human and spiritual development of the most diverse of peoples and cultures on this planet.

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Antigua Forum Interviews 2012

 An interview with Dr. Villegas about the PH economy in Antigua Forum, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, last January 2012. See Link: