Bernardo M. Villegas
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Leaders Ages Thirties or Forties

            I have been directing more of my communication efforts towards professional people in their thirties and forties.  These are the present and future leaders who will guide our country in the next twenty to thirty years back to the economic leadership that we enjoyed after the Second World War and lost because of failures of economic policies in the last quarter of the twentieth century.  These will be the men and women who will live long enough to verify the forecasts being made about the year 2050 by various think tanks and other institutions looking into the distant future.  Many are familiar with the long-term forecast made by economists of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank in 2012 which placed the Philippines as the sixteenth largest economy by 2050.  More recently, the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) came out with another long-term macroeconomic forecast.  I would like to continue communicating to these age groups about the possible global environment that they will be facing so that they can input the information into their own personal and professional plans.  They are the ones who will make the forecasts happen.  A good number of them were the first graduates of the CRC College of Arts and Sciences (now the University of Asia and the Pacific) where I was the first Dean in the early 1990s.

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       The historical trends, empirical findings, and policy updates are discussed in detail in the essays compiled in this book. The most convincing argument that supports the thesis of the book, i.e. that population growth is a poitive factor in attaining sustainable human development, is found in the foreword to the book, which is adopted from an article written by Mr. Roberto de Ocampo, former Finance Secretary of the Philippines and multi-awarded finance official in Asia. Thanks to the continuing growth of the Philippines population, Filipinos are in more than 100 countries all over the world, contributing much-needed foreign echange and purchasing power to the Philippine economy and fostering the human and spiritual development of the most diverse of peoples and cultures on this planet.

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Antigua Forum Interviews 2012

 An interview with Dr. Villegas about the PH economy in Antigua Forum, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, last January 2012. See Link: